Monday, January 18, 2010

E-mail from Gladys Thomas, Pres., FEH

All the children at Haiti Home for Children (HHC) including Adeline, the Supervisor, are safe and doing OK. The little ones are still very scared and traumatized with each aftershock. Everyone sleeps outside so far in fear of the shocks. Still no news of a few more employees. Will update you as we know more.

Lots of supplies have come in that I will be taking with me and up to 12 other people and my kids going along via the DR on Monday. Mario St. Laurent, a pediatrician and Board member, and his son are also going.

CROSS International sent $10,000.00 to the Dominican Republic via CURE Int'l for us to use for medical supplies. We will have someone taking care of the purchasing and establishing a liaison between the DR and PAP. Praise God for that gift and the possibility of getting the needed supplies.

Many have already died at the hospital. Natalie, administrator of the hospital, and the rest of the staff are doing the best they can, but they are emotionally breaking down. Keep them in your prayers.
Most of us have not slept since the news. Pray, Pray.

Damaged areas in the hospital are being repaired so that we can consolidate. Some major poles need repairs near the operating room areas. Pray for fuel as well as we need that for the generators. Natalie was trying to get some from Maurice our board member, but only one gas station was open. I will try to get some from the DR as well as gas for the anesthesia machine.

Thank you so much for all the comfort and love. Will keep you posted as I have more info.



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