Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello! If you are reading this, then you are a family who is affected by the Earthquake in Haiti, whether you are adopting or have adopted from Haiti. Our story is that we have a little boy named Fauberson at Rainbow of Love, who is waiting for us to bring him home. We were at the final stages (getting passports and Visa) when the earthquake happened. Like all of you we were deeply concerned and worried about the safety of our child, the people at the orphanage and the rest of the Haitians. We are relieved to say that he is okay and the orphanage is all right, but that is only for the immediate time. We are concerned about what will happen next when supplies start to run out and there is not enough relief services. Many of you are or have been experiencing the same feelings of relief, frustration and being overwhelmed with the enormity of the situation. This is why we have decided that we need to support each other through this and to bring us all together to advocate getting these children home as soon as possible. Many more children are going to be coming to the orphanages needing their help.

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  1. So sad to hear not only about the devistation at Haiti, but the frustration now awaiting families to bring their adopted children home. We pray for quick response & US help to get the children home. Katy is my niece, Fauberson my "grand" nephew, waiting to meet!!!! Natalie Seim